Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Welcome to Thyra's Sanctuary Blog

Hello all!

Welcome to the official blog of Thyra's Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to rescuing animals and providing a safe, permanent home environment for them. We also advocate for the prevention of pet euthanasia and holistic treatments for ailing animals. We hope that through education, we can create a world where every pet has the chance to live a long and happy life.

We hope to use this blog to keep  our supporters informed about all aspects of our Sanctuary, including recent rescues, ongoing treatment updates for our residents, and stories of hope we witness. Please check back soon to learn all about the great work we are doing at Thyra's Sanctuary. Thank you for visiting!


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    1. Today, we have a new arrival on her way from Cartersville Georgia. She is a senior lab mix. She is about to cross the Georgia Florida line and should be with us later this afternoon. Welcome China!

  2. China is doing great and has had her heartworm treatment. She goes for her much delayed spay in about two weeks. I hope the reduction in estrogen will prevent her mammary tumors from growing.

  3. We moved to a larger facility and have separate rooms dedicated to the cats with many trees and play toys. I try to post updated pics on FB: Thyra's Sanctuary

  4. Busy times for all. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and can focus on the positives. We have moved into the new location, almost two months now. The cats have four separate rooms. Mystic Granite donated a salmon looking granite for the cat kitchen and Steve Elliott Granite donated the fabrication for the cat kitchen. Thank You!!!!
    The past week, we took on 5 emaciated cats, about 3 years old that are the size of kittens: 4-8 pounds. They came from a man who lived out of his van. They will be going to forever homes in the coming weeks as we get them acclimated To living in larger spaces than a dog kennel, they need to eat high protein food and are getting Weruva, Tiki, Almo Nature and Fromm. They all need to put in a few pounds. They are timid and respond warmly to touch and companionship. They are what Christmas is about.

  5. We are sad and heart broken to announce the passing of our oldest kitty, Simi. She was rescued in 2001 before we became a sanctuary. Simi lived an active healthy life. More details on our FB page.
    Simi was my heart cat and slept with me at night.